Our Mission

At Dentistry Plus, our number one priority is providing affordable oral health care for your entire family. Our dental clinics are committed to cultivating a caring, family-friendly atmosphere. Our offices are open weekdays, evenings, and weekends, so your busy family doesn’t have to prioritize other commitments over maintaining good health.


Our practice is built on attention to detail that is evident in everything we do from the facility itself to our team members with a focus on you, our prospective or current patient. A smile is an asset to be cherished, but only if it is a healthy one! That is why we have created a website that is rich with information of what the world of dentistry can offer you today and what it can mean for you and your overall well being. The more you know what the possibilities are, the more comfortable you will be in discussing your care with our dental team.

The trick is to create something so natural that it looks like it belongs there but that actually improves the smile and the look of the smile. So many of our patients say that even their closest friends and family say “You look so good!!” But can’t figure out what was done. That’s when I know I have done my job well.

Our Mission is to provide quality Family Dental Care. Our goal is to provide you with the same level of dental care that we at Dentistry on Walkers Line would expect for ourselves and our families. Building a happy and personal relationship with our patients is a matter of great importance to us. We believe in helping people look and feel good about themselves. Every person is unique and each smile is distinct. That’s why we provide treatment choices that meet the needs of each individual and offer the best possible alternatives for their health. We are Gently Building and Maintaining Smiles for Life.

Our Dentists

Dr. Bernie Kafka

Dr. Martin Just

Dr. Bernie Kafka

Dr. Fadi Soliman

Dr. Bernie Kafka

Dr. Ahmad Al-Janaby

Dr. Bernie Kafka

Dr. Ramy Mansour

Dr. Bernie Kafka

Dr. Raouf Elbatanony


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